Taku Matoushaya

Current Job: 
Senior Tax Consultant (International Tax) at KPMG
In addition to the time dedicated to completing you degree, a great deal of time should be invested in developing the soft skills...

How I obtained my current position

KPMG showcased their Tax Academy at a UCT career fair and upon completing my LLB, I applied to join their tax graduate program.

How my qualification relates to my work

The ability to work under pressure, as well as having strong research and drafting skills, are fundamental for pursuing a career in tax consulting. I developed these skills during my time at UCT Law School, where students are challenged by a demanding academic curriculum.

Skills that have contributed to my success

Strong research and drafting skills which are fundamental to pursing an LLB degree.

Day-to-day activities

Opinion writing, consulting, as well as advising clients on the tax implications of cross-border transactions. As part of this process, we advise clients on South African tax laws, as well the tax laws of other foreign jurisdictions.

Best & most challenging parts of my job

The aspect of tax consulting that I find most alluring is that tax is increasingly becoming a major factor for corporates when it comes to the negotiation of deals and execution of most corporate transactions. However, the challenging aspect of tax consulting is that, tax is a fluid law that is constantly changing and it is quite challenging to keep abreast of all the developments and amendments to tax laws.

Involvement at UCT

During my time in law school I was actively involved with the activities of the Black Law Students Forum (“BLSF”).

How I made use of the Careers Service

I relied heavily on the materials provided by the Careers Service in preparing my CV and drafting cover letters for job applications. Attending UCT career expos also presented me with a valuable avenue for approaching prospective employers.

Getting a competitive edge while at UCT 

In addition to the time dedicated to completing you degree, a great deal of time should be invested in developing the soft skills (non-technical qualities) that employers like to see in their ideal job candidates. The best candidates are always the well-rounded candidates.

About approaching your own career development journeys

Before approaching a prospective employer, it is essential to have a firm understanding of the employer’s industry, as well as knowing the other key players in that industry. Therefore, it is important to conduct thorough research beforehand.

Advice for graduates entering the world of work 

Discover what you are good at, following which you must be committed, dedicated and passionate about mastering your craft.