Narcisse Kimbassa

Current Job: 
Legal Officer at Western Cape Albinism and Hypo-Pigment Foundation (WCAHF).
Realise your potential and study toward your career development.

Previous job

Intern at the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC).

How I obtained my current position

The Board appreciated my CV and appointed me to conduct seminars on the issue of disability, awareness of albinism condition at universities, schools, and communities. I also network with other organisations and campaign for education of the right of persons with disabilities.

How my qualification relates to my work

My majoring courses are Disputes & Use of Force, International Human Rights, International Economic Law and International Public Law. Therefore, having a strong knowledge of human rights does assist me to educate and advocate for persons with disabilities.

How to identify disability-friendly employers

Disability never occurred to me until I arrived at UCT where I qualified to write exams at the Disability Unit. As a result, I had to build the confidence to assist a potential employer to realise that I need reasonable accommodation to do the job.

Involvement at UCT

I was in the board of Postgraduate Students Council and was appointed to orient and welcome international students. I also taught Constitutional Law as part of educational programme at the Constitutional Law Initiative (Unit of Democracy, Gender & Race).

Getting a competitive edge while at UCT 

Students with disabilities are only disabled when you do not have facilities to perform optimally. Use facilities and reasonable accommodation appropriate to them. I also recommend that you pay no attention to what people will say about your disability but focus on what you are able to do.

About approaching your own career development journeys

To approach career development is first of a dream you have in your life and from there you will give yourself time and will to achieve it. I had a dream to teach at University and advocate for the rights of marginalised people. Thus, my determination and passion enables me to achieve. Realise your potential and study toward your career development.