Lefu Dlamini

Current Job: 
Process Engineer at Sasol; Co-Founder & Executive Managing Director at YAgeGen (Pty) Ltd; Ambassador at One Young World; Founding Member & Provincial Organizer at InkuluFreeHeid
I visited the Careers Service for CV writing skills, interview preparation and to look for career opportunities.

How I obtained my current position:

I was awarded a Sasol bursary when I was in matric, which included a work-back clause.

How my qualifications relate to my work?

The Engineering degree exposes you to the world of ideas, problem solving and open mindedness, wherever there is a problem an engineering mind seeks a solution. For every problem there's always a solution, this is what the qualification taught me, it does not matter what shape or form a problem takes be it an engineering problem, economic, social etc. there's always a solution.

Skills that have contributed to my success:

I call them 4Ds, namely, dedication, discipline, devotion and DETERMINATION the most important of them all.

Day-to-day activities:

When at Sasol: project management, data analysis and interpretation, developing of monitoring tools and systems, optimization, developing feasibility studies and executing projects. When at YAgeGen or InkuluFreeHeid: I get involved in everything that pushes the human race forward from inspiration, motivation, and team building to community engagement.

Best & most challenging parts of my job:

The BEST part of my job is that it stretches my mind and at times some problems I encounter have not tried and tested before and require a totally new way of thinking and approach, so in essence I get to 'pioneer' solutions. The MOST CHALLENGING part of my job is people. I get to work with all sorts of people from different generations, background, personalities and culture. So one has to tread carefully because it the very same people who can make or break the positive outcome you aspire to achieve. This is where emotional intelligence comes in, which is not taught in lecture rooms.

Involvement at UCT:

I co-founded a student think tank called The Centre and was an active member of SASCO, SCF and SHAWCO.

How I used the Careers Service:

I visited the Careers Service for CV writing skills, interview preparation and to look for career opportunities.

Gaining a competitive edge while at UCT: 

The best times you will remember during your years in university are not in a lecture room, it is outside. So be as active as you can in student organisations and community based programs. When you start working, what will sustain you and give you a competitive edge are not your marks solely, it is your relationship management with others, your way of doing things and how well you understand the environment you inhabit. When you start working it is a clean slate for everyone.

About approaching your own career development journeys:

Spend most of the time in varsity seeking to understand what you can do without getting paid, spend most of your time researching and finding what you can do with your degree, what your purpose is, and what value will you add to ensure that you push the human race forward.

Advice for graduates entering the world of work:

Be prepared to learn and re-learn various things in your field and outside, be as open minded as possible because there is no one way of doing things. The other thing graduates will soon learn is that a pay check does not equal happiness and love.