Rogeema Kenny

Current Job: 
Management Consultant specialising in Transport
Get involved in extra-mural activities because it teaches you how to manage real world problems.

In what way does your qualification relate to your work, whether directly or indirectly?

Management consulting is a fast-paced and highly complex business. You are stretched in a way that cannot be taught from theory alone, and requires out-of-the-box thinking to solve problems. This is exactly what Engineering is. Although I am not using the exact concepts I learned in my degree in my job, the way Engineering trains your brain to work is exactly what is required in the job.

What are the key skills that have been useful in your career journey so far?

  • Analytical problem solving
  • Working under pressure
  • Communication

What are your day-to-day activities?

Solving transport-related problems in a sustainable way for public sector clients. This could involve anything from fieldwork to writing reports and preparing presentations, as well as compiling and putting together financial models.

Do you have any advice for a new graduate entering the world of work ( e.g. how to develop skills while at university ?)

Get involved in extra-mural activities because it teaches you how to manage real world problems. But be mindful of the time you need to dedicate to academic work.
Do not complain that what you learn at university will not be used in your job. You may not use the mathematics theorems and chemical equations directly, but it trains the brain muscles and develops them into what you need to be a superstar in your job.

How did your extra-curricular involvement while at UCT add value (transferable skills) to what you
offer the world of work?

It taught me how to deal with people, which is one of the most valuable skill you will need in your life.
It teaches you how to juggle more than just your work (or academics) and to be able to handle a demanding work life and other aspects of serving your community or yourself as well.